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Doc McStuffins "Top Lamb"

Home with a sick kid barfed this morning and now seems fine and we're watching: Doc McStuffins, Episode "Top Lamb."

The plastic pink sheen of the show must be maintained impeccably especially by the toys and the children. Mostly, they aren't allowed to play with new toys that seem to proliferate daily.

Doc's dad is making "dad's famous gumbo" for dinner. They eat and as they are cleaning up, Doc says, "I can't wait to make my own famous dishes in my own kitchen someday." Dad grabs a big box from around the corner "We have so much fun cooking together, I thought you'd like you're own. Dad points out, "It's just like mine, except it's pink, and a toy." (Translation: be anything you want, especially a girl).

Doc isn't allowed to play with the new toy because it's bedtime, she extends the rule to her toys, but Lamby can't resist the new shiny, pink toy. She wakes up in the night, the kitchen is glowing pink and she decides to play. Lamby mixes up some creme brulle and gets her sleeve stuck on the oven door. She rips herself free but has a tear. The light in the oven is somehow broken.

Lamby tries to persuade Doc to do something else instead of making a cooking show. Lamby is feeling guilty and mumbles,"I'm such a bad friend to her." Lamby finally confessess. Get's check-up. Notes sleeve tear in Big Book of Boo Boos. Fixes sitches. Fixes oven light. But how does the oven light work in the first place? Lamby laments that she's glad she didn't break their friendship. But Lamby why did you play with the set after I asked you not to?

How many storylines in Doc McStuffins rely on corporate consumption to stimulate a child's imagination? Yo.

All the ways Doc gets toys: gifts, neighbor kids, brother's broken toys, imaginary portals in her hospital (later seasons).

6 year old report:

Favorite part: Toy oven looked fun to play in.

One question: I would ask Doc how she can fix toys so good.

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